5 Signs Your Organization’s Culture Needs Attention

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In the business field leaders are commonly technically oriented. Often neglecting the human side that is so fundamental to the leadership role. Some are focused on financial metrics, others on product performance, and quality, etcetera. This, in part, influenced by their function within the organization. Other times leaders are just oblivious to the signs their workforce displays. In the worst of cases, some choose to ignore these signs altogether. Moreover, too often seems as if only the Human Resources function is concerned with the culture of the organization.

Culture is such an intrinsic part of creating a successful company. With this said, I wanted to offer the following signs that could be present in your organization today: read more

5 Ways Hoshin Planning can help improve your business

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As we enter the fall months, businesses are beginning to wind down on this year’s activities and starting to think about next year’s plans, the budgeting process, forecasting sales, etc. With this timing in mind I wanted to encourage you to consider implementing Hoshin Planning as your Strategy Deployment process.

Before we dive into how it can help your business, let’s briefly discuss Hoshin Planning’s process. The Hoshin Planning process consists of three phases: Planning, Implementation & Review; each phase consists of several steps. Here is a summary: read more

5 Simple Lean tools that will give you a big bang for your buck

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One of the things I appreciate about Lean is that many of the tools are very simple and practical. Thinking about it, putting them to practice can happen in a matter of hours. All it should take is understanding and the decision to actually take action. Of course, once application of the tools begins other challenges arise such as overcoming resistance and sustainment of the improvements.

Leadership is paramount and clear direction for improvement is necessary. There are other Lean tools that provide for this, such as: Value Stream Mapping, Policy Deployment, among others.

For the time being, let’s focus on tools that are simple, actionable and can get you significant wins:

read more

10 Tips for Sustaining your Lean Improvements

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Dan Burgos

For those of us implementing Lean, we know all too well how hard it is to continuously sustain the improvements we implement throughout an organization. Can I get an amen?

Everyone starts with the best of intentions, especially when collaborating in teams, once the initial implementation is completed everyone goes back to their respective routine. Unfortunately, no one realizes that that is the time when the actual work gets started. Too often we feel proud of ourselves for finishing and lose sight of what it will take to ensure that our brainchild actually sticks.

As I talk to managers throughout companies, this is one of the biggest challenges they face. In light of that I decided to share some tips on how to improve the sustainment of your Lean improvements: read more

Creating a Lean Culture

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skydiving-658404_1920 (Culture)

Of all Lean topics this is one that eludes most companies. The great thing about Lean is that grasping the concepts is not that hard. The concepts, though counter to our most ingrained “bad” habits, do not require advanced proficiency on any particular subject. The cultural transformation, however, presents far more difficult challenges. Let’s discuss several aspects of creating a Lean culture: read more

Are you a supportive leader?

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Most people that leave an organization do it because of their leaders and not because of the organization. The level of engagement of employees is critical to an organization’s success. Employees check out often because they don’t receive support from their leaders. We as leaders often look at employees and demand results; but what are we providing them in order to help them be successful? read more

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