5 Signs Your Organization’s Culture Needs Attention

December 12th, 2016   •   Blog Posts   •   no comments   


In the business field leaders are commonly technically oriented. Often neglecting the human side that is so fundamental to the leadership role. Some are focused on financial metrics, others on product performance, and quality, etcetera. This, in part, influenced by their function within the organization. Other times leaders are just oblivious to the signs their workforce displays. In the worst of cases, some choose to ignore these signs altogether. Moreover, too often seems as if only the Human Resources function is concerned with the culture of the organization.

Culture is such an intrinsic part of creating a successful company. With this said, I wanted to offer the following signs that could be present in your organization today: read more

5 Ways Hoshin Planning can help improve your business

October 24th, 2016   •   Blog Posts   •   no comments   


As we enter the fall months, businesses are beginning to wind down on this year’s activities and starting to think about next year’s plans, the budgeting process, forecasting sales, etc. With this timing in mind I wanted to encourage you to consider implementing Hoshin Planning as your Strategy Deployment process.

Before we dive into how it can help your business, let’s briefly discuss Hoshin Planning’s process. The Hoshin Planning process consists of three phases: Planning, Implementation & Review; each phase consists of several steps. Here is a summary: read more

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