Are you a supportive leader?

July 8th, 2016   •   Blog Posts, Leadership   •   no comments   


Most people that leave an organization do it because of their leaders and not because of the organization. The level of engagement of employees is critical to an organization’s success. Employees check out often because they don’t receive support from their leaders. We as leaders often look at employees and demand results; but what are we providing them in order to help them be successful? read more

What are your Leadership Principles?

April 27th, 2016   •   Leadership   •   no comments   


Leaders today have a long list of challenges: From engaging their workforce to creating the right culture. What is required of leaders today is very different from the past. Planning and monitoring used to be enough to be successful; nowadays other skills are necessary to lead: interpersonal skills, negotiation skills, coaching skills, among others. read more

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