5 Simple Lean tools that will give you a big bang for your buck

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One of the things I appreciate about Lean is that many of the tools are very simple and practical. Thinking about it, putting them to practice can happen in a matter of hours. All it should take is understanding and the decision to actually take action. Of course, once application of the tools begins other challenges arise such as overcoming resistance and sustainment of the improvements.

Leadership is paramount and clear direction for improvement is necessary. There are other Lean tools that provide for this, such as: Value Stream Mapping, Policy Deployment, among others.

For the time being, let’s focus on tools that are simple, actionable and can get you significant wins:

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10 Tips for Sustaining your Lean Improvements

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Dan Burgos

For those of us implementing Lean, we know all too well how hard it is to continuously sustain the improvements we implement throughout an organization. Can I get an amen?

Everyone starts with the best of intentions, especially when collaborating in teams, once the initial implementation is completed everyone goes back to their respective routine. Unfortunately, no one realizes that that is the time when the actual work gets started. Too often we feel proud of ourselves for finishing and lose sight of what it will take to ensure that our brainchild actually sticks.

As I talk to managers throughout companies, this is one of the biggest challenges they face. In light of that I decided to share some tips on how to improve the sustainment of your Lean improvements: read more

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