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Alphanova Consulting is committed to partnering with our clients. We strive to deliver bottom line results and improve organizational culture. Alphanova Consulting serves many industries. Below are some of our past and current client companies and what they have to say about our services:


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What Our Clients say About Us

“On one of our key programs at Triumph in Red Oak Texas we were behind schedule, struggling with quality issues with low morale. With Dan’s experience, expertise and guidance in Lean principles we started having weekly Kaizens with our teams. Dan lead our team in a full value stream mapping of our production line. From the Value Stream mapping we identified starbursts that led to the development of our Continuous improvement roadmap for the next year. We conducted Kaizens involving our production team members, Quality improvement projects and Just do its. Dan not only led our teams but helped teach our leadership Lean principles and optimum ways to facilitate Kaizens. Over the last year under Dan’s leadership / guidance we have made tremendous strides. We are better than green in defects per 1,000 hours, we have reduced our total defect / withhold tag count by 80% from 300 to 65 (7 consecutive month over months of improvements and still improving) and our customers perception has turned around and we are now having positive schedule gains every week.”

Kurt Richardson | Program Manager – Triumph Group, Inc


“Dan led several improvement projects throughout our organization. In each one he was able to coach and challenge our teams on how to improve their own processes. These were not theoretical implementations; at the close of each 3-day session, the team had implemented their ideas in a tangible way to demonstrate the value of their project. I was very impressed with Dan’s ability to address “resistance to change” and the results delivered each time.”

Lon Jennings | VP, Operations – Hydradyne LLC


“Dan has been key to our Lean transformation. He got involved in many areas of our business: From creating a plan to improve our process to developing metrics to better understand and improve our performance. He was able to coach our managers hands-on on leadership concepts and helped them become better leaders. In addition, Dan helped us build a more cohesive team. His ability to speak Spanish allowed him to connect with our entire workforce. I highly recommend Dan if you are looking to implement Lean and improving your company culture.”

Jay Cowan | CEO – Enventives


“Dan was instrumental on improving our culture and cascading it to our leaders and subordinates. He taught us several concepts that helped us improve the management of our operation. His partnering approach included his involvement on several initiatives and providing helpful insights during difficult situations. I highly recommend Dan to anyone looking for help with implementing Lean in their business.”

Paul Witsaman | VP of Operations – Anton Cabinetry


“I needed assistance in increasing my capacity to keep up with demand. Dan was able to find where the bottlenecks were and assist in addressing the challenges we faced. Dan offered many insights on how to also improve quality, and reduce variation. I was very satisfied with Dan’s contributions to my business.”

Armando Semprit | General Manager – Noliar, Inc.

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