Our Approach

Alphanova Consulting delivers customized service solutions based on your needs. There are not two engagements alike as we adapt to the challenges you face. Below is an abstract of the areas we focus on and how they can benefit your organization:

Operational Excellence

Operational excellence begins with having reliable processes. We partner with you in many ways to help identify and eliminate the waste in your process. Through teaching, facilitating, and coaching we help you assess the state of your operation, identify improvement opportunities, create an implementation plan, and implement process improvements.

Reaping the benefits of using Lean & Six Sigma methods can dramatically change your company’s outlook. Among the benefits you can expect from our services are:

Leadership Development

In order to achieve a cultural transformation, effective leadership is necessary. Through coaching and mentoring we equip leaders to solve problems whether they are operational or personnel in nature. Developing skills and common values creates a united leadership front that will lead to:

Team Building

A cohesive leadership team is a powerful source of competitive advantage. We facilitate the process of selecting, developing, and ultimately building your leadership teams. Based on common values, we help your teams master behaviors that will foster trust, avoid dysfunction, and improve execution. The result is a working team:

Strategy Deployment

Strategic Planning is a key process to the longevity of a business. Strategy deployment should provide direction to your entire organization. We facilitate the development, and deployment of your strategy in order to accomplish exactly that. In addition, we ensure the process delivers:

Our expertise is facilitating your Lean transformation and helping you shape your company’s culture. Our ultimate mission is to help you achieve your goals and have a sustainable process. Contact us today to schedule a call.

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