We provide our clients business solutions through the following services:



Our business is to help you improve yours. Alphanova Consulting uses Lean & Six Sigma to facilitate the discovery and elimination of waste in your processes. We combine the powerful tools of these disciplines with effective leadership using our approach. The result is a cultural transformation of your business. Our ultimate deliverable is to create:



Alphanova Consulting provides training workshops in a variety of topics related to continuous improvement & leadership. Our aim is to equip your team with the tools to resolve operational problems and create a culture of continuous improvement. Our interactive approach to training increases knowledge retention and incorporates client based examples to maximize learning. Among the topics we teach are the following:



We are proud of our involvement in the nationally recognized Lean Certification program in association with SME, ASQ, Shingo, and AME. Through our Lean Certification program, organizations can develop the knowledge of the concepts that will prepare them for the transition to a continuous improvement culture.

This program can be tailor made for the needs of your organization. Using an interactive approach, we take your employees on a deep journey to understanding how to facilitate a Lean transformation and become true change agents.


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