Manufacturers…. Interested in profit margin growth of 25%+?
  • We help you ACHIEVE & SUSTAIN :
  • Operational cost reduction of 20%+
  • Employee attrition reduction
  • Equipment reliability improvement
  • On-time delivery improvement to 99%+ and
  • Defect reduction to improve product quality to 99%+

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Interested in achieving and sustaining profitable growth for your manufacturing business?

Lean Consultants in Houston TX, San Antonio TX

We help manufacturers achieve and sustain increased operational performance so they can grow profit margins by up to 25%. Our unique approach, 15+ years of experience, and track record of delivering results for dozens of manufacturers are among the reasons you should partner with us.

If you are trying to…

Increase capacity

Increase efficiency

Alphanova Consulting
Then we can help.

Reduce scrap & rework costs

Increase profitability

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What Clients Say

“Dan led several improvement projects throughout our organization. In each one he was able to coach and challenge our teams on how to improve their own processes. These were not theoretical implementations; at the close of each 3-day session, the team had implemented their ideas in a tangible way to demonstrate the value of their project. I was very impressed with Dan’s ability to address “resistance to change” and the results delivered each time.”

Lon Jennings

VP, Operations – Hydradyne LLC

“Our company hired Alphanova Consulting about 9 months ago. Within just a few months, the investment was already paying dividends. Immediate improvements in key metrics began a dramatic positive shift and continue to move north. All of our key metrics started moving in the right direction and continue to improve. Some of the most notable metrics were on-time deliveries, which soared by over 40% while scrap decreased by nearly 70%. Customer complaints were down by over half within the first 6 months.
Alphanova Consulting’s assistance and guidance have helped us navigate some very tough waters and our entire organization is seeing the benefits. Efficiencies are up, backlog & equipment downtime are down and most importantly, profits are up!
I would highly recommend Alphanova Consulting to anyone seeking to improve operations at their facility.”

George F Smith

Owner/CEO, Waco Boom Manufacturing

Performance Chart Alphanova Consulting

How Does your Business Stack Up against World-Class Performance?

Take our business self-assessment and gain further insight into the performance of your business. Want to improve but not sure where to start? Not sure of how much room for improvement there is? Our self-assessment will help you identify performance gaps and areas to focus your improvement efforts.

How we help manufacturers achieve and sustain increased operational performance so they can grow profit margins by up to 25%.

Business Transformation

Overcome your business challenges as we facilitate the transformation of your people, processes and culture.

Business Transformation
Interim Leadership

Maintain momentum and make the right hire when employee turnover affects your plans with our interim support.

Interim Leadership
Acquisitions + Integrations

Maximize the performance of your investments by engaging us to optimize execution.

Acquisitions + Integrations
What Clients Say

With Dan’s experience, expertise, and guidance in Lean principles we started having weekly Kaizens with our teams. Dan led our team in a full value stream mapping of our production line. Dan not only led our teams but helped teach our leadership Lean principles and optimum ways to facilitate Kaizens. Over the last year under Dan’s leadership / guidance we have made tremendous strides. We are better than green in defects per 1,000 hours, we have reduced our total defect / withhold tag count by 80% from 300 to 65 (7 consecutive month over months of improvements and still improving) and our customers perception has turned around and we are now having positive schedule gains every week.”

Kurt Richardson

President – Triumph Group, Inc

“We hired Alphanova Consulting just a year ago. Within three months they had become a profit center and not a cost. Key metrics all started moving in the right direction and continue to improve. On-Time Deliveries improved by 42%, Scrap decreased by 69%, and Customer Complaints decreased by 53% within the first year. These improvements had a significant impact on our bottom line. We now have the metrics to improve in all areas of the business with solid and current data. Our leaders are growing, and our culture is improving significantly as we compete in this tough environment thanks in great part to Alphanova Consulting’s assistance and guidance. Highly recommend their services if you want to improve your manufacturing business.”

Paul D. Heron

Growth Consultant, Waco Boom

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About Alphanova Consulting

Our approach is based on the following belief: Ideal Behaviors + Ideal Processes = Ideal Results
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Hi, my name is Dan Burgos

We are consultants who work with manufacturers who are tired of dealing with quality problems, and inefficient processes. Our expertise will help you achieve profitable growth – even if you:

Tried making improvements yourself

Have not seen results from other consultants

Are too busy to make improvements

Effective Solutions, Lasting Results


We help manufacturers achieve and sustain operational costs reductions of 20%+, improve on-time delivery to 99%+, and reduce defects to improve product quality to 99%+. These changes help our clients grow company profit margins by up to 25%.

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