5 Ways Manufacturers can Detect a Poor Fit Within Their Team [Part 2]


This is part two of 5 Ways Manufacturers can detect a Poor Fit within their Team. Part one focused on philosophical and abstract signs. In this post, we will focus on more tangible and execution related signs:

3. Negative leadership behaviors – This one could be harder to spot, depending on the self-awareness of the leader; sometimes leaders knowingly hide their behaviors in front of their managers but behave negatively with their employees when they are not being watched. Once you are made aware of these behaviors take action to address them immediately, as this one is a morale and productivity killer.

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4. Employee Disengagement – If you pay close attention to how people respond to their leaders, the signs will be there. You can see it in every interaction; people’s facial expressions and body language will reveal their feelings. If excitement, participation, and collaboration are not present, start looking at the reasons, which could point to their relationship with their leader.

5. Lack of Results – When you watch leaders that deliver vs leaders that do not, you will notice differences in how they function. Their behaviors, time management, how they utilize their team, etc. Assess if the leader is displaying the behaviors that lead to the desired results. Undoubtedly, leaders need all the support they can get. If the support is provided but results never seem to be delivered, there comes a time when we should evaluate if the individual is capable of doing the work, what is the reason for the gap, and if it’s a gap we can reasonably help with.

The difference between having a capable group of leaders versus the opposite is very evident. The interactions, the trust, the speed of execution, and the results you can reach are some of the benefits of surrounding yourself with the right type of leaders. Avoid being held back by poor leadership by addressing these types of gaps proactively.

I will leave you with the following quote for reflection:

“A bad manager can take good staff and destroy it, causing the best employees to flee and the remainder to lose all motivation.”

If you have concerns about the leaders in your team and would like to discuss your situation, please schedule a call.

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