6 Elements of Transformational Improvement in Manufacturing [Pt. 2]


This post is a follow up to our previous entry: 6 Elements of a Successful Lean Manufacturing Implementation.

Here are the remaining elements:

4. Lean Daily Management Process – All leaders within the business will need to embrace the process in which continuous improvement thrives. Deming’s PDCA cycle (plan, do, check, and act) should be observable everywhere. This process allows everyone to understand where performance stands, recent trends, and the reasons for abnormalities, as well as spurring countermeasures to eliminate issues.

5. Lean Leaders – Leaders at the mid-level and front lines will have to learn to embrace the Lean manufacturing principles. This involves understanding the Lean manufacturing tools for improvement, but more importantly learning to engage everyone in the organization. Otherwise, the organization risks not reaching its full potential and possibly failing to implement Lean manufacturing altogether. More importantly, senior leaders need to recognize that adopting Lean manufacturing requires a shift in mindset and behaviors. Leaders are the most important element when it comes to influencing those behaviors.

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6. Trained Employees – If you plan to implement these principles, your entire workforce should be well educated as to the principles and how their roles evolve. In Lean organizations employee roles evolve; instead of being told how to do things or solve problems, Lean organizations engage their employees in developing their processes and finding ways to make them better.

These elements may not cover every aspect to ensure a successful Lean manufacturing implementation; however, they cover the most important ones. Remember, when a leadership team is cohesive and has high levels of trust, they can build a path to success together.

If you want to ensure a successful Lean manufacturing implementation, and you would like to discuss your specific goals please schedule a call.

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