8 Ways Manufacturers Create Buy-In from Their Team [Pt. 2]


This post is a follow-up to our previous blog 8 Ways Manufacturers Create Buy-In from Their Team. Here are the remaining recommendations:

5. Answer WIIFM (what’s in it for me)– We must always keep the “we” or team mentality first. However, all of us have individual aspirations. Leaders must help connect the dots for the skeptics and help them understand that to offer sustained employment, growth opportunities, higher salaries, better perks, etc. the business needs to continuously improve; which implies changing and evolving with times; otherwise, it risks being left behind by the competition.

6. Solve a problem for them – Sometimes, people need to see things in action rather than listen to the explanation. Try to find a problem you can solve for an employee, and once you do that, the light bulb will go on. If done well, with their input, you will also gain a passionate advocate. Make sure this gets visibility so that people start to see that you are serious.

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7. Engage them in the process – This is one of the most effective ways to get buy-in. When people make change happen themselves. Something changes in them, I have heard it numerous times, “we wanted to make these changes, but we thought this would be another fad.” Give them the ownership, and this will only grow as they realize the difference they can make.

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8. Follow through – People always keep a close eye on their leaders. They are always looking to see if the actions follow the words. Strive to do what you say, doing this will gain you significant amounts of credibility with your team. In the case that you cannot keep a commitment, make sure you address it and come back to it in a reasonable time. People will notice this and begin to embrace and support your initiative and leadership.

Incorporating the items we described will give you a better opportunity for success when implementing Lean manufacturing and any other change initiative in your business.

If lack of buy-in is affecting your Lean manufacturing initiative, and you would like to discuss how we can help schedule a call.

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