Battery Charger Manufacturer Needed to Reduce Working Capital and Improve New Product Development Process


About the opportunity

Since 1947, Schumacher Electric Corporation has been leading change and driving performance to exceed its customers’ expectations. Engineered patent-pending technologies and award-winning marketing make Schumacher the brand of choice. Schumacher’s legacy is its commitment to quality and exceptional customer service. Schumacher brings experience, innovation, and excellence to the next generation of battery maintenance… the #1 name in battery chargers worldwide.
The Challenge
Schumacher Electric had recently experienced a change in senior leadership.
Senior leaders had identified significant opportunities throughout the business to improve through the implementation of Lean principles. The process needed to start with a culture change of the senior leaders throughout the business. Building a repeatable new product development and the sales & operations planning process is a priority. Schumacher Electric recognizes the need to transition its product development efforts to electrical vehicle products. A reliable NPD process that generates high-performing products is key to growing the electrical vehicles market segment.
We had to quickly help this client improve their results and used the following three-phase approach:
•Phase 1 – Implement New Product Development Process : We started by documenting the five-phased stage gates, defined deliverables and stakeholders for each gate, and created a previously undefined product requirements document.
•Phase 2 – Implement Sales, Inventory, and Operations Planning : We implemented a structured demand and supply forecasting approach. Improved metrics and reporting, established a monthly cadence, providing transparency into the health of the process and facilitating cross-functional decision-making.
•Phase 3 – Develop Culture Identity Message : We facilitated a workshop with the senior leadership team to develop their culture identity, which will be used as the unifying message to increase employee engagement.
Among the results that Schumacher Electric accomplished as part of our engagement are:
• Increased 3-month frozen forecast accuracy by 24%
• Reduced low-impact design projects by 90%.
About Us
We help manufacturers achieve and sustain operational cost reductions of 20%+, improve on-time delivery to 99%+, and reduce defects to improve product quality to 99%+. These changes help our clients grow company profit margins by up to 25%.
We have developed and used a proven approach to ensure manufacturers achieve and sustain significant performance improvement. Our consultants have over 15 years of experience working with manufacturers and developing their capabilities.
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