Business Transformations Services

Our business is to help you improve your business through our transformation services. Alphanova Consulting uses Lean to facilitate the discovery and elimination of waste in your processes. We combine the powerful tools of these disciplines with effective leadership using our approach. The result is a cultural transformation of your business. Our ultimate deliverable is to create:

  • Leaders with the skills to manage your operation and lead your workforce
  • Cohesive teams that execute your strategies and shape your culture
  • An engaged workforce that continuously seeks to improve your business
  • A competitive advantage through operational excellence

Our approach is hands-on as we engage with all levels inside your organization. Our business transformation consultants have helped our clients improve in the following areas:

• Cash flow  • Employee Turnover       • Working Capital

• EBITDA  • Customer Satisfaction    • Operation Costs

Our Approach – The Profitable Growth Blueprint

for Manufacturers

For years we have helped manufactures achieve and sustain operational excellence in their businesses. One of the reasons for such success is our unique approach. We focus on people, processes, and culture. Our approach allows clients to develop the behaviors, capabilities, and culture that lead to sustainable results. Read below to understand each phase of our engagements and the results we can help our clients create.

Diagnosis Phase

The first step in our process consists of an in-depth assessment of the business. We use a combination of operational & financial performance data, interviews with your leaders & staff, and observation of your manufacturing operation to identify improvement opportunities. In this phase, we walk in your shoes to understand the business’ challenges. We use a collaborative approach with our clients to ensure that our recommendations support your most important goals. Once we complete the diagnosis, we use the learning to develop a customized implementation roadmap to address performance gaps identified. A customized roadmap means that each client gets a solution specifically designed for their situation. We consider the urgency, resources available, timing, and any specific needs the client may have. Please read below to learn more about our business diagnosis & roadmap development.

Implementation Phase

This phase is where we roll up our sleeves and begin the transformation of your manufacturing business. Based on the implementation roadmap developed during the diagnosis phase, we focus on your people, processes, and culture. This phase involves hands-on collaboration with everyone from your senior leadership team to your direct labor workforce. During implementation, we focus on tactical as well as strategic initiatives. In this phase, clients begin to see how leaders grow, manufacturing operations improve execution, strategic initiatives guide the business, and the workforce becomes highly engaged. Please read below to learn about the four areas we focus on:

Maintenance Phase

In the last phase of our engagement, our role evolves into a more passive one. Our support consists of on-demand access and periodic reviews. Clients entering this stage are reaching their performance goals and have the skills to improve and sustain their results. The maintenance phase exists to ensure clients maintain the same level of performance, provide accountability as they continue their journey to world-class performance, and advise them on opportunities they would otherwise miss. Read below to learn more about this phase:

Consulting Engagement Packages

Whether you are looking to start with the basics or drive significant organizational change, we can customize a plan for you. Here are our standard service packages.


We help manufacturers achieve and sustain operational costs reductions of 20%+, improve on-time delivery to 99%+, and reduce defects to improve product quality to 99%+. These changes help our clients grow company profit margins by up to 25%.

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