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Our business is to help you improve your business through our transformation services. Alphanova Consulting uses Lean to facilitate the discovery and elimination of waste in your processes. We combine the powerful tools of these disciplines with effective leadership using our approach. The result is a cultural transformation of your business. Our ultimate deliverable is to create:

  • Leaders with the skills to manage your operation and lead your workforce
  • Cohesive teams that execute your strategies and shape your culture
  • An engaged workforce that continuously seeks to improve your business
  • A competitive advantage through operational excellence

Our approach is hands-on as we engage with all levels inside your organization. Our business transformation consultants have helped our clients improve in the following areas:

• Cash flow  • Employee Turnover       • Working Capital

• EBITDA  • Customer Satisfaction    • Operation Costs

Our Approach

Diagnosis Phase


Business Diagnosis & Roadmap Development

The first step in our process consists of a deep dive assessment of the business. During this assessment we have three objectives:

  1. Get a clear picture of the state of the business
  2. Understand the gaps in performance against goals
  3. Identify the areas which present the largest opportunities to bridge performance gaps.

Once we complete these objectives, we use them as inputs to develop a customized approach to address performance gaps. We focus on helping clients improve many aspects of the business, as explained in the implementation phase.

Implementation Phase


Leadership Development

Effective leadership is the key to achieving cultural transformation. We equip leaders with the tools to solve problems whether they are operational or personnel in nature. Developing skills and common values creates a united leadership front that will lead to:

  • Tackling operational challenges effectively
  • A more engaged and motivated workforce
  • Lower employee turnover
  • A culture of continuous improvement, loyalty and collaboration

Culture Development

Even though culture is subjective and hard to measure, there is no doubt that your business culture directly correlates to your business performance. Your business culture is a result of the behaviors and rituals displayed by the people in your organization. We help you achieve a healthy business culture in which you can observe:

  • Increased cohesiveness among departments
  • Increased employee motivation and retention
  • Increased productivity due to reduced distractions
  • Company-wide alignment that leads to improved business execution

Operational Excellence

Operational excellence begins with having reliable processes. We partner with you in many ways to help identify and eliminate the non-value adding activities in your processes. We help you assess the state of your operation, identify improvement opportunities, create an implementation plan, and implement process improvements. Among the benefits you can expect from our services are:

  • Lead time reduction – Increasing your responsiveness to customer demands
  • Increased capacity – Enabling your organization to support growth
  • Significant reduction to quality control problems – Improving customer satisfaction
  • Operational cost reduction – Enabling you to remain competitive

Strategy & Policy Deployment

Strategic Planning is a key process to the longevity of a business. Strategy deployment will provide direction to your entire organization. We facilitate the development and deployment of your strategy while ensuring:

  • Engagement of the entire workforce
  • Alignment within your leadership team
  • Understanding of the organization’s direction
  • Improved execution of initiatives

Maintenance Phase


Sustainment Support

In the last phase of our engagement, our role evolves to a more passive one. Clients entering this stage are reaching their performance goals and have the skills to improve and sustain their results.

The objective of the maintenance phase is to ensure clients maintain the same level of performance, supporting them as they continue their journey to world class performance and advising them on opportunities they would otherwise miss.

Consulting Engagement Packages



We help manufacturers achieve and sustain operational costs reductions of 20%+, improve on-

time delivery to 99%+, and reduce defects to improve product quality to 99%+. These changes

help our clients grow company profit margins by up to 25%.

We are committed to going above and beyond our tour of duty. Your service experience with our company should reflect our bias towards adding value at all times.

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We are committed to going above and beyond our tour of duty. Your service experience with our company should reflect our bias towards adding value at all times.

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