Case Studies

Below is a list of case studies showing some of our client engagements with notable highlights. This is intended to show how we work with our clients and the results we have helped them achieve:

A mattress manufacturer needed to increase speed to stay competitive with increased Chinese competition

A medical device manufacturer was losing market share and needed to improve profitability

A growing Aerospace & Defense supplier needed to speed up their warehouse to prevent production line stoppages

An aerospace and defense tier two supplier was at risk of losing a vital program and needed to increase the speed of delivery

A construction electrical subcontractor wanted to distance themselves from the competition and set the standard in their industry

A distributor of oil & gas products needed to become more efficient in a challenging market

Paints & Coatings Manufacturer Increases throughput by $1M

Food Packaging Manufacturer Needed to Ramp Up Production

Battery Charger Manufacturer Needed to Reduce Working Capital and Improve New Product Development Process

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