How Manufacturers improve workplace organization using the 5S System

If you are the owner or senior leader of a manufacturing business and you are tired of :

  • Employees wasting time searching for things (tools, documents, materials, etc.)
  • Losing materials due to lack of organization
  • Wasted space due to disorganized material storage
  • Excessive injuries or near misses because of a disorganized environment.
  • Rushing to clean up your shop for customer visits.

These are frustrating conditions we find within manufacturing businesses commonly. You may be thinking, “We can do better than this,” “How did we get here?” or “I’m tired of this mess.” We completely understand if sometimes you feel helpless. We have been in those situations, and it’s tough.
For this reason, we wrote this e-book. This document shares how owners or senior leaders of manufacturing businesses can eliminate these issues using the 5S system.
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About 5S

5S is a foundational Lean tool and at the same time very powerful. Nonetheless, can present challenges even for the most capable leaders to implement.  There is no denying the benefits of improving workplace organization, yet our employees still resist.

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