The 4 things that Prevent Manufacturers from Meeting Production Demand.



Welcome to the show. Today we’re talking about identifying constraints ,embracing constraints and continuously improving.

What you’ll learn in our chat today is that not all implementations of continuous improvement methodologies succeed.

We’ll explore why that is what’s needed to succeed, and how this approach empowers leaders to actually continuously improve. Now, as always, we are joined by a remarkable guest.

Our next guest has nearly 20 years of experience helping manufacturers in various industries, including aerospace,
injection molding, chemicals, consumer goods, oil and gas, medical devices and more.

Throughout his career, his passion for manufacturing excellence, effective leadership, and good ole common sense has enabled manufacturers of all kinds to make impressive improvements to their operations.

Improvements like 60% decrease in turnover, 21% increase in productivity, 50% reduction in rework. And in another example, a 42% increase to on time delivery.

Currently serving as the President and CEO of Alphanova Consulting, which is the management consulting firm that he founded that helps manufacturers achieve and sustain operational cost reductions.

Please welcome to the show, Dan Burgos.


Thanks so much for being here today. Thank you, Josh. Thank you for having me. It’s a pleasure.


And we start out each conversation with the same question. So, Dan, no exception to you. I want to hear from you.
What’s your day to day look like in your role?


So day to day, for me, it varies.

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