Referral/Finder’s Fee Program

In our line of work, we find many of our clients through referrals from our network. At Alphanova Consulting we like to reward our friends, colleagues, and satisfied clients that refer new business to us. For this reason, we have created our referral/finder’s fee program.

The program consists of an invitation in your part to potential clients to consider using our services. If your invitation leads to a business engagement, we show our appreciation through a finder’s fee.


Any referral you send our way that generates revenue will translate into a one-time referral/finder’s fee of US$1,000.00.

How Does It work?

Reach out to someone in your network of family, friends, or colleagues working in the manufacturing or distribution industry. Ask if they would be willing to talk to a representative of Alphanova Consulting about implementing Lean in their operations. Reading about our approach will help you get an idea of how we help organizations. Please refer any questions beyond that to us. Feel free to refer them to our website.

If they are willing, please ask for the following contact information:

  • Name
  • Phone Number (Including Extension) or Mobile
  • Email Address
  • Company Name (Including city & state)

Let them know that a representative from Alphanova Consulting will contact them. Send us their contact information using this form.

Who Would Make a Good Referral?

People in management positions: Owner, CEO, COO, Vice President of Operations, Plant Manager, Production Manager, Operations Manager, Distribution Manager, and Director of Operations are the titles of people commonly using our services.

Other employees, such as supervisors, or other positions can make a good referral. Even if we are referred to another person in the organization, you would continue to be eligible for the referral fee.

In order to ensure the arrangement is understood. The following page will provide details as to the terms and conditions of our referral program.

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