The Cost of employee disengagement – Learn how costly it is to allow your employees to become disengaged from the business.

12 Areas to Focus Operational Due Diligence – Learn the 12 areas that reveal the most about your target companies.

The Cost of Poor Leadership – Business leaders often tolerate poor leadership. Unfortunately, this brings enormous and very costly consequences for the business and its stakeholders. In this Infographic, we attempt to quantify how costly it is to tolerate poor leadership.

The Case for Lean – For as long as Lean has been around in the marketplace, there are still many organizations yet to adopt it. Here is a case for making Lean part of your culture.
Traditional Leader vs Lean Leader – Leadership has tremendous impact on the success of any business. Top management should always consider developing their leaders and enhancing their skills in order to improve their business performance.

A Problem-Solving Methodology for Manufacturers – Problem-solving is a critical skill in today’s environment. Learn how to uncover the root cause of problems. This will enable you to tackle many problems effectively.

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