How Manufacturers increase profitability using Lean Practices

If you are the owner or senior leader of a manufacturing business and you are tired of :

  • Ballooning internal quality defects and associated production cost overruns?
  • Client attrition due to missed commitments?
  • Constantly scrambling to put in makeshift controls (e.g., ad hoc inspections, tests, audits)?
  • Climbing labor costs?
  • Shrinking margins?
  • Not enough capacity to fulfill orders?

These are frustrating conditions we find within manufacturing businesses commonly. You may be thinking, “There has to be a better way,” “How did we get here?” or “We need to improve, or we won’t be able to dig out of this hole.” We completely understand if sometimes you feel helpless. We have been in those situations, and it’s tough.
For this reason, we wrote this e-book. This document shares how owners or senior leaders of manufacturing businesses can increase profitability using Lean practices.
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About Lean Leadership

Employees must always be engaged; leaders are responsible for fostering that engagement and setting the tone for your culture.

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