Want to grow your manufacturing business profitably?

We help manufacturers achieve and sustain operational costs reductions of 20%+, improve on-time delivery to 99%+, and reduce defects to improve product quality to 99%+. These changes help our clients grow company profit margins by up to 25%.
Studies have shown that while most manufacturers engage in improvement initiatives, the vast majority fail to gain significant results out of these efforts. Over the last 15 years, we have worked with manufacturers and helped them create lasting results.
Hover over these examples to learn more about the key results each client achieved:
A mattress manufacturer needed to increase speed to stay competitive with increased Chinese competition:

Key result #1: Implemented labor productivity improvements of over 20% resulting in annualized savings of over $900K

Key result #2: Reduced manufacturing lead times by 79% (from 14 to 3 days)

A medical device manufacturer was losing market share and needed to improve profitability:

Key result #1: Improved on-time delivery from 84% to 98%,

Key result #2: Increased inventory turns by 60% (from 5 to 8)

Key result #3: Increased inventory accuracy from 94% to 98%

Key result #4: Reduced changeover times by 75% (from 4 to 1 hrs)

A non-profit higher education institution needed to increase speed to satisfy its growing customer demand:

Key result #1: Reduced transcript evaluation lead times by 87% (from 15 to 2 days)

Key result #2: Reduced readmissions lead times by 95% (from 38 to 2 days)

Key result #3: Reduced enrollment lead times by 66% (from 41 days to 14 days)

An aerospace and defense tier two supplier was at risk of losing a vital program and needed to increase the speed of delivery:

Key result #1: Reduced total defect / withhold tag count by 80% (from 300 to 65)

Key result #2: Reduced tag turn-times by 42% (from 24 days to 14 days)

Key result #3: Reduced program cumulative hours late by 24%

Key result #4: Improved customer’s perception during program reviews that led to reduced customer inspections

A construction electrical subcontractor wanted to distance themselves from the competition and set the standard in their industry:

Key result #1: Reduced labor costs by 10% and inventory by 60% at one of their pre-assembly/manufacturing operations

Key result #2: Reduced project kick-off process lead time by 50% (from 12 to 6 days)

Key result #3: Reduced service customer billing lead times by 67% (from 18 to 6 days)

A distributor of oil & gas products needed to become more efficient in a challenging market:

Key Result #1: Reduced product assembly lead times by 74% (from 26.5 to 7 hours)

Key Result #2: Improved on-time delivery at one location by 72% (from 55% to 95%)

Key Result #3: Reduced shipping errors by 75% (from 1.65% to 0.4%)

Key Result #4: Reduced fabrication operation labor by 20% ($80K in savings)

What Clients Say

Alphanova Consulting was instrumental on improving our culture and cascading it to our leaders and subordinates. They taught us several concepts that helped us improve the management of our operation. Their partnering approach included their involvement on several initiatives and providing helpful insights during difficult situations. I highly recommend Alphanova Consulting to anyone looking for help with implementing Lean in their business.

Paul Witsaman

VP of Operations – Anton Cabinetry

“Alphanova Consulting came to work at our company to help drive change. Going through a culture change is difficult but with their consulting team’s drive and passion they helped us start our journey. Not only did they lead teams during Kaizen events, they coached and mentored everyone they came in contact with. Always professional. I learned a lot from working with the Alphanova Consulting team, they made a big impact at our company.”

Michele Koppmann

Industrial Engineering Manager – Triumph Aerostructures, Inc.

Alphanova Consulting led several improvement projects throughout our organization. In each one they were able to coach and challenge our teams on how to improve their own processes. These were not theoretical implementations; at the close of each 3-day session, the team had implemented their ideas in a tangible way to demonstrate the value of their project. I was very impressed with Alphanova Consulting’s ability to address “resistance to change” and the results delivered each time.

Lon Jennings

| VP, Operations – Hydradyne LLC

Alphanova Consulting has been key to our Lean transformation. They got involved in many areas of our business: From creating a plan to improve our process to developing metrics to better understand and improve our performance. They were able to coach our managers hands-on on leadership concepts and helped them become better leaders. In addition, Alphanova Consulting helped us build a more cohesive team. Their ability to speak Spanish allowed them to connect with our entire workforce. I highly recommend Alphanova Consulting if you are looking to implement Lean and improving your company culture.

Jay Cowan

CEO – Enventives

Working with Alphanova Consulting has been a real eye opener.To give you a little insight in what we do, we are motor rental company in the Oil and Gas Industry. The way he was able to come in and dive into our whole business structure was impressive. He dissected our process step by step and showed us our inefficiencies. He actually provided stats on how much we are leaving on the table. After that, he took the time to personally coach me by giving me a different perspective in what management is and what it can be. During this time period I was working on a huge project that I felt good about. Once Dan got through with me, I re-evaluated my current work and re-did the entire thing. I’m very thankful for all of the help he provided me with, and I strongly recommend him. He targets the process and the people.

Cisco Pena

Global Logistics Supervisor – BICO Drilling Tools, Inc.

Working with Dan and his company has opened our eyes in more ways than one. Being part of construction industry for many years, at the beginning of our process improvement and leadership journey we thought most of our processes are working well. Quickly, we have realized that most of them had room for improvement and more importantly needed improvement or complete overhaul. Dan has helped us realize just how much DOWNTIME we have and worked diligently to minimize and in some cases eliminate waste completely. Additionally, with his guidance, we realized there are many processes that we didn’t even have and the work was being done many different ways, which created waste throughout the company. Looking forward to our next event!
Brad Samardzija

Project Executive VP – Cummings Electrical

We hired Alphanova Consulting just a year ago. Within three months they had become a profit center and not a cost. Key metrics all started moving in the right direction and continue to improve. On-Time Deliveries improved by 42%, Scrap decreased by 69%, and Customer Complaints decreased by 53% within the first year. These improvements had a significant impact on our bottom line. We now have the metrics to improve in all areas of the business with solid and current data. Our leaders are growing, and our culture is improving significantly as we compete in this tough environment thanks in great part to Alphanova Consulting’s assistance and guidance. Highly recommend their services if you want to improve your manufacturing business.
Paul D. Heron

Growth Consultant, Waco Boom

Watch this video to learn more about the three elements we use to help manufacturers achieve and sustain improvements in EBITDA, Operating Margin, Cast to cash cycle, and Revenue growth.
Creating lasting results goes beyond changing your processes. If you own or lead a manufacturing business, success requires a high level of commitment on your part. The formula that has helped us deliver consistent results for manufacturers is:
Ideal Behaviors + Ideal Processes = Ideal Results


We help manufacturers achieve and sustain operational costs reductions of 20%+, improve on-time delivery to 99%+, and reduce defects to improve product quality to 99%+. These changes help our clients grow company profit margins by up to 25%.

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