Referral Program Legal Disclaimer

Below are the terms and conditions of our referral/finder’s fee program:

  1. A referral is valid only if using the process described in the previous page.
  2. The first person to refer us to a specific company is the only one eligible for the finder’s fee.
  3. Companies we have worked with in the past are not eligible for a referral fee.
  4. Upon receipt of payment from the company you referred us to, Alphanova Consulting will send you a check for the appropriate amount.
  5. Referral fees will not be paid, in the case that invoices are not paid by the client.
  6. If the company you are referring to us is your employer, you will have to get authorization from your manager. If you are not authorized to receive the finder’s fee we will waive it entirely.
  7. The referral/finder’s fee program only covers the initial company referral; other divisions, subsidiaries, branches, or any additional referral we obtain during our engagement with the original company are not subject to additional referral/finder’s fees.
  8. Alphanova Consulting does not withhold taxes or provide any benefits to referral sources. Our relationship with you will be that of an “Independent Contractor” and you will be responsible for reporting, and paying any taxes. Alphanova Consulting will send you a 1099 form to be reported as other income on your tax return.
  9. Alphanova Consulting reserves the right to modify or terminate the referral/finder’s fee program at any time without prior notice.
  10. Alphanova Consulting reserves the right to decide which referrals to pursue and is not obligated to pursue any given referral submitted.
  11. In order to be eligible for our referral/finder’s fee program, all referrals are subject to approval by Alphanova Consulting.

Agreement: I have read and understand the contents of this document and agree, and accept all the terms and conditions outlined herein. Furthermore, I will do no harm to Alphanova Consulting, its clients, or employees in any way, and will not hold them responsible for referrals that do not result in a referral/finder’s fee due to lack of payment, a decision to not pursue a referral or a decision from a client to not engage with Alphanova Consulting.

We will evaluate your referral and if we decide to collaborate with you we will reach out to discuss your referral and the signing of a contract covering our terms and conditions by you and a representative of Alphanova Consulting. Please contact us at 817-705-1313 to discuss further or if we can answer any questions.

If you are ready to submit a referral, please use the following form.

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