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What our customers say about us:

Dan led our team in a full value stream mapping of our production line. Over the last year under Dan’s leadership / guidance we have made tremendous strides. We are better than green in defects per 1,000 hours, we have reduced our total defect / withhold tag count by 80% from 300 to 65 (7 consecutive month over months of improvements and still improving) and our customers perception has turned around and we are now having positive schedule gains every week.”

Kurt Richardson

President, Triumph Group

“Dan led several improvement projects throughout our organization. In each one he was able to coach and challenge our teams on how to improve their own processes. These were not theoretical implementations; at the close of each 3-day session, the team had implemented their ideas in a tangible way to demonstrate the value of their project. I was very impressed with Dan’s ability to address “resistance to change” and the results delivered each time.”

Lon Jennings

Vice President, Operations, Hydradyne, LLC

Being part of the construction industry for many years, at the beginning of our process improvement and leadership journey we thought most of our processes are working well. Dan has helped us realize just how much DOWNTIME we have and worked diligently to minimize and in some cases eliminate waste completely. Additionally, with his guidance, we realized there are many processes that we didn’t even have and the work was being done in many different ways, which created waste throughout the company.

Brad Samardzija

Project Executive VP, Cummings Electrical

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