How Manufacturers eliminate firefighting from their culture

If you are the owner or senior leader of a manufacturing business and you are tired of :

  • Dealing with the same production issues over and over?
  • Having to explain to clients why their orders are late again?
  • Worried that firefighting is not sustainable, and it will come back to bite you any day?
  • Client attrition due to missed commitments?
  • Some of your leaders are addicted to the heroic recovery (think their job is to chase the next fire)?

These situations are some of the most frustrating conditions we find within manufacturing businesses. You may be thinking, “we have to get out of this firefighting mode,” “how did that happen again?” or “I’m tired of hearing the same excuses; we need solutions.” We completely understand if sometimes you feel helpless. We have been in those situations, and it’s tough.
For this reason, we wrote this e-book. This document shares the tools and principles manufacturers must develop to manage their business proactively.
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About Lean Leadership

Employees must always be engaged; leaders are responsible for fostering that engagement and setting the tone for your culture.

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